The Meaning Of Luxury In Thailand Hotels

The Marble Triangle-Three sides to luxury as defined:

1. Something that is an extravagance rather than a necessity.
Book into a five star hotel in Thailand where they know the meaning of service compared with most of the rest of the world and soon you will discover the first definition noted above. If we are looking for luxury, then all extravagance is a necessity. From waiters and hotel staff that appear at remarkable speeds to serve you, to their first class handling of your requests. These are not just employees from a country that is already naturally customer-service orientated, but they are staff that have been especially selected then trained, re-trained and upgraded. That is without the added skills of local knowledge, bi- or tri-lingual language communication, or even knowledge of wines and foods which are all necessary a five star luxury hotel experience.

2. Lavishness: the quality possessed by something that is markedly expensive.

When you take the dcor and interior of a five star luxury hotel, you will hopefully note that no expense has been spared on its decorative interior. From its carved wooden interior to its marble flooring, not to mention its gold, platinum and silver fittings revealing an exquisite meticulousness in its design. If you notice any flaws; it means that the hotel is not adhering to the above definition. When a guest notices nothing, it usually means that the hotel is up to standard in this respect.

3. Wealth as evidenced by opulent living.

Wine and dine at a five star luxury hotel and you should find that your hosts have unlimited knowledge on wines, cheeses, desserts and foods, from fish of the day for sushi, and sashimi to knowledge of preparing a Louis XIII Cognac. They should know when these should be served, how and what with. Without knowledge of the intricacies of international cuisine a hotel cannot stand up in the class as defined by the above definition.

These are the three sides to luxury, joining them into a triangle, which melds these keys to create a hotel of super-standard.